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There is no need to give up your precious time aimlessly looking for wallpaper in stores or online. We now provide premium quality wallpaper and murals along with installation, at an amazing price in the comfort of your own home


We are offering a great collection of quality wallpaper printed in Germany. We can visit you, at the time and place that suits you. Show you our vast catalogues, measure all the walls, provide professional advice about the details of the job. As well as calculating all the costs, including supply and installation, free of cost. I will personally achieve all the above, as it provides great savings for you, as well saving your time and experienced advice from a professional, that's our promise.


Nothing determines the atmosphere in the room, more than the wall. The wallpaper is an expression of the personality of each individual. Thus wallpaper is diversity, and everyone has the right to his or her wallpaper.
All the murals are available in individual sizes and different wallpaper qualities. Or peerless prints are also suitable for sensitive environments. The combination of the water-based latex inks which we use with proven non-woven wallpapers creates brilliant designs with outstanding image quality and attractive, environmentally friendly profile. In addition, the digitally prints are flame-retardant, light fast, washable, and completely dry strippable.
We will visit you, show you the materials, designs, measure and calculate all the costs for you including installation or just supply. You can chose some of our vast collection of images or supply your own( Tiff,JPEG or PDF) format in highest resolution. There are standard sizes or it can be printed to suit size of your wall.

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